Eating Out: Lotus To Go Go

Mr. S and I came here a couple of days ago to feed Mr. S's hangover with what his good friend Larry has sworn is a sure cure.  Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup with a rich broth, is supposedly the perfect answer to your post-party woes.  I've always gotten my pho at Quang but after combing through reviews on Yelp I decided to hit up Lotus and see if they could compete.

Before we dug into the pho we ordered pork and shrimp fresh spring rolls.  They were pretty and delicious and came with a tasty peanuty dipping sauce.  These were totally different from my favorite rolls at Na's Thai Cafe, but tasty nonetheless.

This pho was just as savory and delicious as Quang.  The broth was less greasy -- a big plus in my book -- but didn't have as much meat as I expected.  Not being a huge meat eater, I wasn't enormously bothered by it.  I made a note for next time to remind Mr. S to order double meat.

Mr. S got an order of General Tso's chicken that sounded good at the time.  I asked what he thought (I didn't taste it; I get meat anxiety when things are breaded and fried) and all he said was 'forgettable'.

I loved that they offer both a small and a large size pho. The large is usually the side of a tureen and I hate to leave any deliciousness behind. The small order suited me perfectly.  Brilliant!

Grade: Solid B

Lotus To Go Go
113 West Grant Street, Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 870-1218


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