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Problem Solved! Toddler Lunch They'll Actually Eat

Rather than struggle with the lunchtime hustle each day we always eat the same thing. The kids and I appreciate the regularity and they eagerly anticipate their plate at the noon hour.

I have an almost 12 month old (we're baby led weaning) and a 2.5 year old and this satisfies both of them. I'll typically cut things up a bit smaller for my youngest and may offer different choices based on their likes but the premise stays the same.

I split their plate into 5 areas:

Grain . Bread or crackers.Fruit . Pick your in-season, where possible, poison.Veg . I may offer different age appropriate choices or favorites here. Meat . Any deli meat or leftovers.Fun . Optional but recommended! On this day it was some Trader Joe's Cheddar Rocket Ship crackers and raisins. Voila!

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