Eating Out: Patisserie 46

We're going through yet another round of major transitions at work.  In the past, I've found a good pastry goes a long way in easing some of my team's woes.  Every so often eating your feelings is the only way to refocus on something visceral and fundamental during tenuous times.  I'm not suggesting your binge, rather that sporadic indulgence can be good for the soul.  Like a good glass of wine after a long day or a really good piece of dark chocolate when you're taste buds crave something sweet, the right kind of indulgence can be done inexpensively and without the any requisite weight gain.

Enter Patisserie 46, another awesome Kingfield neighborhood addition.  I walked into their cute corner cafe and was greeted by the owner/baker.  That's the kind of thing we've come to expect in South Minneapolis; we're so spoiled. John Kraus, the incredibly skilled pastry chef trained in Europe, the storied French Pastry School in Chicago and a former Food Network Challenge winner, is at the bakery's helm and his skills are palpable in the look and flavor of each offering. When you walk up to the counter at his shop the first thing you notice is the absolute beauty of the food. The pastries are all egg washed and stunning.

While there were a ton of beautiful choices I went with a standard.  I ordered a simple croissant and it was a perfect execution of the flaky, unabashedly full-fat buttery pastry.  Unfortunately, I ate it in my car which means you could still probably still reach between the seats and try a flake of goodness if you were so inclined.

Check out the the NY Times' take on the neigborhood bakeshop.

Patisserie 46 also makes weekly appearances at my neighborhood Farmer's Market.  Have you visited yet?

Rating: A

Patisserie 46, 4552 Grand Avenue South, Minneapolis
(612) 354-3257


  1. My good friends live right around the corner, but I have yet to visit Patisserie 46! Looks amazing!


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