Blackberry Mojito

Each year I grow mint in my potted herb garden especially for the occasional summertime pitcher of Mojitos.  While Mojitos are delicious on their own one of my favorite restaurants has added a twist and the result is a nice and refreshing variance from the original.

Try this special-for-summer Blackberry Mojito courtesy of my friends over at Salut Bar Americain. Make it at home or enjoy a leisurely meal on their outdoor patio stationed near the lovely 50th and France intersection.

4 oz lemon rum
6 crushed mint leaves
1 oz lime juice
1 heaping teaspoon sugar
Dash of sweet and sour
1 oz pureed blackberries

1. Chill your glass.  They used a martini and it made a beautiful presentation.
2. Combine all ingredients in martini shaker over ice.
3. Shake well, then strain into the chilled glass.
4. Top with Sprite and enjoy!


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