Eating Out: Na's Thai Cafe

Thai food has had a nice run in the cities over the past decade.  Where there were just a few choices there are now dozens.  For someone who counts Sriracha as one of her favorite food groups I couldn't be more happy about the culinary progress.  Unfortunately, quantity does not always beget quality flavors.  You can make a lot of missteps before you find just the right stir fry sauce, curry or noodle dish.  All Pad Thai's are not created equal.   The good news is even the bad stuff isn't so bad.

We all have our palette pleasers.  For example, I could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at The King and I Thai.  Nothing beats the underground vibe of their bar area.   Heck, we even had our Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at Chiang Mai Thai. Still, in my heart of hearts, there's only one Thai restaurant that stands, with authority, above the rest.

Na's Thai Bistro is in a strip mall in Chanhassen just off of busy Highway 5.  It's West, way West, but it's worth every penny you'll pay at the gas pump and more. When you walk in the restaurant you won't be transported anywhere, the staff won't sweep you off your feet.  You will get prompt service, lip-licking good food and a reason to return.  I can't put my finger on exactly why but the orange slices they put in your water glasses make for the most refreshing drink.

I'm desperately jealous of anyone who works close enough to sample the lunch buffet.  Lucky little devils.  I've never had it but I would have to assume it's as dreamy as the regular menu offerings.

Take a look at the full menu here or try my suggestions to make your first time a memorable one:
  1. Start with the #5 Spring Rolls ($6.05).  The translucent dipping sauce is magical.
  2. Then move on to the #30 Beef Massaman Curry ($12.45), tender pieces of beef simmered in coconut milk combined with a pleasantly pungent mix of curry, potatoes and peanuts.  It's perfection over rice. 
  3. And if you like spicy stuff dig into the #47 Nua Pad Prig ($13.95), stir-fried lean beef with hot pepper, onion, carrot and celery.  I'm a sucker for the pretty carrot flowers they use.
Rating: A+

Na's Thai Cafe, 566 West 78th Street, Chanhassen
(952) 949-1125

Coming soon...  I'm putting the finishing touches on my Supatra Thai restaurant review. Thanks Nicole for the suggestion.. It was fun to get a little St. Paul flavor in my very Minneapolis life.


  1. What do you think about True Thai? (No car, so I don't get out to Chanhassen much!)

  2. I've had the Pad Thai there and it was so long ago it wouldn't even be fair to say what I thought of it. I know I liked it, but I can't remember how much! Sounds like it's time for me to revisit their restaurant!! Thanks for the reminder Catherine and thanks for reading.



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