Mom's Birthday Menu

It has been busy, busy, busy lately!  Lots of celebrations and special occasions.  I've quite a few unforgettable dining experiences too.  There are a few fun restaurant reviews in the works so stay tuned.

This past weekend we celebrated an extra special day.  It was my mom's birthday!  I love celebrating my parents.  I look forward to these special days and the menus that go along with them.  To me, food is love so I put a lot of thought into making something that I think they would enjoy.

My mom tends to eat a simple diet of meat, seafood, fruits and veggies.  She's not much for carbs and starches.  In honor of her preferences I decided to do a salad medley accompanied by some toasted crostini and a homemade Coconut Dream Cake for dessert.  

Aunt Jenny's Wild Rice Salad 
Asian Chicken Salad  
Erin’s Sunshine Salad 
Toasted Crostini 

Coconut Cake 
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Recipes coming soon...


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