Eating Out: Mozza Mia Pizza Pie and Mozzarella Bar

Let me start this post by validating an important fact. My husband and I LOVE many of the Parasole restaurants. We frequent Salut in the winters for their delicious French Onion Soup Burger and French Onion Soup. In the summer I add chicken to their Greek Salad. It’s delicious and fresh. We're infatuated with Manny’s for special occasions. The New York Strip is unforgettable and the cocktails are mixed to perfection.

When we heard Parasole was opening a new, fun and on-trend pizza joint down the street we rejoiced!  Each week we peered inside to get a look at the progress on the interior.  We watched as a brick pizza oven was built into the space and huge slabs of marble made their way onto a half wall; a clever little feature they call a 'mozzarella bar' where you can watch all the action in the kitchen.  It was a fun concept and the neighborhood was due for another mid-range restaurant.  

Shortly after the restaurant opening we ventured in for a taste.  We tried their Calabrese pizza ($14) with fennel sausage, mozzarella curd, chilies and swiss chard. Extremely unremarkable. I felt a lot like a cow chewing cud. Not offensive but also not exciting.

We decided to give the place a second shot since, in all fairness, we visited during their first weeks in business.  Upon our return we tried an appetizer, the Fiori di Latte ($13).  The mozzarella is their claim to fame.  They make it fresh daily from Pollio Gold whole milk curds.  It was rich, fresh and almost flavorless. The accompanying arugula, tomato and drizzle of olive oil livened up the dish up.  I'd suggest giving it a shot.

After we polished off the baseball sized mound of mozzarella we shared the Quartto Stagioni pizza ($15).  I'd seen this come out of the pizza oven on our last visit and was intrigued. The pizza’s toppings are split into four delightful quadrants; one each of juicy artichoke, mushroom, onion and Cotto ham with a wicked underbelly of fontina cheese. The crowning glory is a fresh egg cracked right in the center of the pie.  The final product is a feast for your eyes that’s still nothing too special for your taste buds.

Although the ingredients are fresh, the location is ideal and the atmosphere is fun the dishes weren't fulfilling.  Good news?  I did take notice of a multitude of happy youngsters hovering over pepperoni and cheese pizzas. It turns out Mozza Mia is perfectly suited to serve parents looking for a kid pleasing dinner choices in an adult friendly setting.  Everything has its place.

Rating: B

Mozza Mia Pizza Pie and Mozzerella Bar, 3910 West 50th Street, Edina
(952) 288-2882


  1. It looks delicious! I will take my kids and give it a try. Thanks a lot!


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