Kitchen Commando: Kalua Pig Hash

I like a substantial breakfast on the weekends. Saturday and Sunday present a twice weekly opportunity to make something special for one of the most versatile meals of the day!  One of the easiest and most beautiful dishes to throw together is a hash.  This dish is loosely based on the breakfast potatoes with colorful diced red and green peppers my mom would throw together for my brother and I when we were kids.   Add whatever extras you have around, veggies, garlic, cheese... the possibilities are endless.

The Ingredients:
Kalua Pig

The Idea:
Kalua Pig Hash

The Execution:
Heat a large saute pan with a bit of olive oil and add diced onions.  Cook on medium heat until they turn translucent.  While the onions cook dice up the potatoes into 1/2 inch cubes.  Add them to the pan.  Add some salt and pepper, maybe a little paprika.  Cook the potato and onion mixture on medium high to high heat, turning them every few minutes until they're browned.  Stir in the kalua pig (see for the recipe).  Then turn the heat down, put the cover on the pan and cook for about 5 minutes.  This is where the real magic happens. 

When you cover the pan you begin to steam the center of each diced bit of starchy goodness.  The process cooks the potatoes quickly and evenly and retains the meat's juices.  After five minutes remove the pan from the heat but DO NOT lift off the cover.  Allow the potatoes to sweat for 7-10 minutes more.

Topping this dish with an egg brings a nice bright color and added rich flavor to the meal. If you'd like to add the egg this is the perfect time to pan fry it.  While the egg cooks taste your potatoes to ensure doneness.  Then plate your hash and top with the precious little egg.  I promise it will be belly warming delicious!


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