Zeroll Zerolan Ice Cream Scoop

I asked my husband if I should blog about this ice cream scoop and he firmly and eloquently said, "Karla, people need to know about that scoop."  I've let you in on his little secret in a prior post, but here it is again: my husband is an ice cream junkie. His ice cream scoop is like the Robin to his Batman,  the John Oates to his Daryl Hall. Panic ensues when it can't be located.  How on God's green earth did we scoop chilled sugar milk before the advent of the Zeroll? I just can't even venture a guess.

So what makes this scoop so indispensable?  For starters the dipper is good looking. It's Aluminum with a Teflon finish (read: non-stick) and a flashy gold end cap.  The true beauty of the product is its self-warming technology.  There is non-toxic heat conductive fluid sealed within the handle. Brilliant!  As you hold the scoop the warmth of your hand warms the handle, the spoon and subsequently, the ice cream creating perfectly round mounds that release easily into your bowl.  To my dismay, this little tool was invented back in 1935 and we just purchased one last year.  I want all of those lost minutes back that I spent wrestling with inept implements.

Note: The scoop does require hand washing.


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