Adele's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Cake

Dairy Queen ice cream cakes are a fixture at almost every family birthday gathering on my husband's side of the family.  Ice cream just happens to be one of my husband's most favorite foods too.  I'm not entirely sure whether either nature or nuture is at play here, but I suspect a healthy dose of both has contributed to this addiction.  In recognition of his fondness for the cold stuff I decided pull out all the stops for his birthday and order a custom custard cake from Adele's Frozen Custard.

The lakeside shop is as cute as the custard is delicious.
The cake was composed of a deliciously moist chocolate cake layer covered in velvety fudge. Crumbled Oreo cookies were nestled in the fudge and provided a nice crunch in between the cake and a generously thick layer of creamy custard.  It was all topped off with a light, fluffy pillow of real whipped cream.  There are simply no words for the unforgettable flavor but I can tell you that for all of the birthday party attendees DQ will never hit the spot the same way again... ever.  Order your cake however you'd like -- opt for white cake instead of chocolate, a different candy center -- if it can be done Adele's will do it.

Fortunately, Adele's isn't just for special occassions.  The rotating custard flavors de jour could have you coming back, well, daily!  Two of my all-time favorites are Almond Joy and Butterfinger, where they use real peanut butter in the custard and mix in pieces of the candy bar just before serving.  They're all about making your decadent dreams come true.


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