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The Gift of Hydration

I used to have a big heavy glass water bottle when I was in an office environment and it lived mostly at my desk. When I had babies I tried to lug it around in the diaper bag but it was just so heavy! Anyone else office from their kitchen counter? I waited far too long to buy a replacement. I would get by on drinking fountains and drive through coffee shops (coffee's like water, right?) until I found this happy limey green Klean Kanteen. I really appreciate it's virtual weightlessness and the hole on the plug; I clip it right to my diaper bag! It's easy to spot in the bottom of my purse and in the random places my kids and I leave it around the house. Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle with Loop Cap I don't know about you but I drink less water when it's taken on the flavor of it's container. This bottle is unlined food-grade stainless steel that's absolutely tasteless so you get the flavor of, well, water. And unless you're tragically late

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